Your Master plan for Yodaa

List your craziest ideas + suggestions and help us build a product you’ll love - we’re all ears.


If you want to make yodaa the best platform for teenagers and teach them to save and spend money at right times. Making the card which are accepted in sites like Google Play Store, PlayStation Network, Xbox, Nitendo to buy in game stuff as most of the kids are interested in those things but none of the teenagers card app work in those sites. So being one different from others and even teens are interested in doing that. See that the cards are accepted in game sites or add different kind of option to do payments. Such as adding giftcard options. Example. If you want to buy something in an game. You can open yodaa app and go to the giftcards option and find google play giftcard of 500rs, 1000rs and then complete the payment by the money you saved in yodaa, then the a redeemable code will be given when completed the payment and the code should be even saved in your order section so you don’t accidentally delete or forget it in case, you can send the code through sms or email instead too. Google play accept upi but they don’t accept some of the upi’s so making one which is allowed to add in google play can be good but international sites like PlayStation only have reedem code and credit/ddbit card option. Plus you can add the electronic chip so it can be swiped in atms to get some cash or gift cash to friends on their birthdays or get urgent cash handy, the card can be either swiped or scanned through the chip. Hope these ideas help. Making the subscription fee less can help too. Thankyou for reading.