Truly Teen Thing

Okay; let’s go deep!!
Currently in India, there are two major teen based UPI & payment app; excluding Yodaa as it is not available now.
I had used both; Fampay & Walrus.
But since I’m giving a idea; so let’s check just drawbacks:

  1. FamPay:
    We ( teens ) can’t take out money from ATM machines!
    Also in many places like Youtube; Card details are not acceptable, shows always error.
  2. Walrus:
    Not much sure; but guess ATM facility, isn’t available here so!
    Same here, but besides having MasterCard; It isn’t acceptable in Apple Pay System( I had tried & contacted them, they said we aren’t enabled it yet)
    Even the main dislike point is this; we cannot transfer money to personal VPA; only merchants are allowed!!
    Here problem is same with UPI’s too; we ask for money, it doesn’t show even any pop up.
    And one think I disliked is; No Apple App Store app, only Android.

In these apps;I prefer FamPay …
No much limitations
iOS App available
& Much mature now; so better experience.

But besides all; I don’t agree with one thing!!
I found it major one; No languages other than English is available, I mean " I can’t relate anything, which seems to be Indian " Not even Hindi हिंदी language is available!! Just loosing identity…

If YODAA insure; better facilities
It would be great.

I would also like yodaa to bring the subscription fee bit down or give out more benefits, as there are new teen payment apps coming out soon, Like Junio backed by investor Kunal Shah which also provides similar services to the above mentioned apps, So yodaa should do something completely that they are doing.

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There is also Pencilton app, Same features but poor UI/UX design, but has rewards for chores, saving account for things. If Yodaa wants to compete, then It should lower their fees or else make it as a premium for some features.

Yes and even there is a new app KhalliJeb