The Big Screen 🎥

There are so many movies out there now that it’s difficult to decide what to watch. Every night, after I’ve finally completed all my work, when I switch on my TV, I spend hours changing OTTs and never finding what I want to watch.

Every time you watch a new movie on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, or where it is, please leave a rating here (out of five) with the platform it’s on. Also, add a one-liner if you want to.

This way we can directly get to watching stuff instead of browsing pointlessly.

The Wolf Of Wall Street ( 4 OUT OF 5) Available on Prime Video:
The Irishman ( 4 OUT 5 ) Available on Netflix:
Girlboss ( 3 OUT OF 5 ) A T.V Show although but a good one. Avaliable on Netfilx:

Binge-mode on, folks!:sunglasses::sparkles: