How Great would it be if Teens fought for a cause

Nowdays we teens are glued to social media, And this idea is as follows: Now Yodaa has building a social mdia presensce mostly attracting teens, We can use this network to help people in need or for a cause or Yodaa can request a sum of money within the yodaa and utilize it for a cause in that we as teens will atleast leave a small impact on whatever cause we will be fighting, How does this sound leave comment below​:point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:.


That’s pretty interesting! We would love to know what your friends feel about this initiative too! Let’s get this conversation started. Invite them over!:rocket:
PS: Which initiatives/causes resonate strongly with you?:speech_balloon:

Animal Cruelty, Equality for Women, And Protecting The Wildlife.

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We stan! :clap:
How do you personally contribute to the same? If you may, please share how the teen community can can take small, impactful steps to make an impact!? All Yodaa teens would be delighted to know!

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We can create events where one plants Trees and uploads a pic of it and also nurture them that person gets a reward, Or creates poster spread awareness about a cause or helps a NGO or charitable organisations to raise funds through the posters posted Yodaa through the social media presence it has built.